​Rabies Diagnosis Laboratory is the National Reference Laboratory for Turkey. Diagnostic studies on rabies were started in 1929 in our institute. Having served the whole country during those years, our laboratory now mainly provides diagnostic services to provinces falling under its field of epidemiological responsibility (Ankara, Kirikkale, Kirsehir, Nevsehir, Kayseri, Yozgat, Corum, Cankiri, Karabuk, Bartin, Kastamonu, Eskisehir, Bolu, and Zonguldak).Our laboratory is also responsible to carry out studies and observations about the course and the molecular epidemiology of the Rabies situation all around Turkey.


Our laboratory has been providing services at its new bio-safety Level 2 and 3 laboratory constructed with the support of EU since 2008.



1-Conducting laboratory diagnosis from pathological substances collected from animals dead or killed due to rabies.

2-Performing epidemiological surveillance.

3-Conducting research studies.

4-Organizing in-service training studies.

5-Drawing up opinions on cat and dog vaccines to be imported to Turkey.

6-Drawing up opinions on quality control and compliance of diagnostic materials to be used in the country.

7-Organizing comparative tests at regular intervals.

8-Preserving rabies virus isolates obtained from confirmed cases in the country.

9-Providing confirmation for positive results obtained at regional diagnosis laboratories.

10-Evaluation of antigens, standard sera and kits to be used in diagnosis.

11-Collecting, organizing, evaluating and preparing formal epidemiologic reports on all tests applied and diagnostic methods used in the country.

12-Characterising and conducting research on the rabies virus in order to reveal the epidemiology of disease in the country.

13-Coordinating research studies aimed at controlling and eradicating the disease, gathering related information and reports and submitting recommendations to superiors.

14-Providing trainings in order to ensure unity in the methods used in diagnosis and communicating opinions to superiors.




Our laboratory was accredited by TURKAK;

1-In 2005 for Fluorescent Antibody Technique test,

2-In 2007 for Florescent Antibody Virus Neutralisation Test (FAVN, RFFIT),

3-In 2007 for Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test under

 TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards.




Our laboratory is:

1-National Reference Rabies Laboratory.

2-Moreover, it is also the reference laboratory in terms of diagnosis for Ministry of Health.

3-For European Union, it has been a Reference Laboratory since 2005 in respect of detecting anti-rabies antibodies in pets that will be transported into the borders of the European Union. In this context, it has been participating in proficiency testing organized by the EU every year.

4-Since 2008, it has been a Reference Laboratory in respect of detecting anti-rabies antibodies in pets that will be transported to the territory of Japan.




Rabies Diagnosis Laboratory is partner of OIE Twinning Project with Germany Friedrich Loeffler Instıtute  (FLI) about OIE Reference Laboratory for Rabies