Experimental Research Center is licensed by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for the production, use and supply of experimental animals and conduct research within the scope of the "Regulation on the Welfare and Protection of Animals Used for Experimental and Other Scientific Purposes". Center is performing activities in rabbit, guinea pig, mouse, chicken, horse, rat, partridge, quail and sheep.

Scientific research and development studies are carried out to increase the efficiency of in vivo model studies to be developed with experimental animals and to improve experimental studies. It is ensured that the researchers will carry out the use of laboratory animals in accordance with ethical principles. Studies to be carried out at the Experimental Research Center are subject to the permission of the Institute's Experimental Animals Local Ethics Committee.

Center aims to lead change and development at national and international levels, where the production and care of laboratory animals are carried out within the framework of international ethical values and quality standards, where the satisfaction of researchers and employees is at the highest level.

Routine in vivo studies of vaccine production are carried out at the Experimental Research Center.​