Ethical Rules

1.Law and justice shall prevail.
2.There shall be no discrimination (gender, language, religion, race, sect etc.).
3.Respect shall be paid to private life and personal preferences.
4.Continuity and currency shall be observed in activities.
5.Human love, kindness, and respect shall prevail in relationships.
6.Powers and responsibilities, job definitions, and work distributions shall be consistent, well-defined, and written so as not to give rise to misinterpretation.
7.Upward accountability is a prerequisite of downward accountability.

 8. Etlik Central Veterinary Control & Research Institute shall set a good example to its units in terms of improved corporate culture.
 9. Etlik Central Veterinary Control & Research Institute shall maintain good relations with all of its stakeholders.
10.Impartiality and fair approach shall prevail in management.
11.Impartial and independent decision-making shall be preserved.
12.A participatory approach shall be adopted in activities and decision-making processes.
13.Conflict of interest, personal and private interest shall be avoided.
14.Respect shall be paid to the rights held by proprietors of labor and knowledge.
15.Successful works shall be appreciated.
16.Managers shall support the personnel during the fulfillment of their tasks and duties, and share their responsibilities.
17.Constructive action shall be taken against personnel failing to make contributions to activities and services.
18.Efforts shall be made in order not to pave the way for occupational fanaticism, which is to be avoided under all circumstances.


19.The personnel shall be aware of its responsibilities and shall fulfill them in a timely and proper manner.
20.Utmost attention shall be paid to work hours.
21.Good faith shall prevail in inter-employee relationships. 
22.Managers and employees shall trust each other. 
23.Employees shall be open to collaboration and information sharing. 
24.Employees shall, regardless of the level they work, feel free to express their thoughts and problems.
25.Managers and employees shall listen to each other to the last.
26.If necessary, employees shall have the chance to contact the top management by following the steps of hierarchic structure.
27.Employees shall not be prejudiced and they shall be given to prove themselves.
28.Constructive approach shall be adopted to make the employees correct their mistakes and faults.
 29.Equal chances shall be provided for the personal/occupational development and training of employees.
30. The principle of merit shall prevail in career development and promotions. 
31.Motivating studies shall be carried out.
32.Employees shall be rewarded for their performance.
33.Employees shall abstain from any conduct for their self-interest, which might cause harm to other employees.
34.Efforts shall be made to make the employees feel esteemed and important.
35.Equal chances shall be given to the personnel in terms of the opportunities made available to them. 
36.Measures shall be taken to protect the employees' health from adverse physiological and psychological impacts. 
37.Importance shall be attached to organizing social activities for employees. ​