In the Toxicology Laboratory; in order to explain suspicious animal deaths, acute pesticide poisoning analyzes are carried out on morbid substances (tissue, internal organs, stomach and intestine contents, suspicious materials (feed, water, etc. that were last consumed and thought to have caused death)) of dead animals and "Live Animals and Animal Products". Group A anabolic substance residue analyzes are carried out in matrices of animal origin (urine) within the scope of the National Residue Monitoring Plan, in accordance with the "Regulation on Measures to be Taken for the Monitoring of Certain Substances and Their Residues". In the Toxicology Laboratory; 

  • Toxicological analysis of morbid substances from dead or necropsied animals in terms of acute pesticide poisoning, 
  • ​Within the scope of the National Residue Monitoring Plan, anabolic substance residue analyzes of group A stilbenes, thyrostats, anabolic steroids, resorsilica acid lactones and beta agonists in matrices of animal origin (Urine) are carried out and research and training activities are carried out.