In Spirochaete Diseases Diagnostic Laboratory, the diagnosis of Leptospirosis caused by the Leptospira agent in animals and humans is made using the standard tests of the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH). Our laboratory diagnoses Leptospirosis disease in animals and humans, and provides consultancy services and organizes training programs Institute personnel, field veterinarians, farmers and producers in line with the programs prepared by our Ministry, Veterinary Control Institutes and requests from the provinces in the diagnosis of Leptospirosis disease in animals. It is the only reference laboratory for animal and public health in Türkiye for the microagglutination test, which is used as the gold standard in the diagnosis of spirochete disease.

In order to ensure quality control of the analyses, it participates in proficiency tests at the standards determined by the Turkish Accreditation Agency. You can access the current analysis list that we are accredited from this link; https://portal.turkak.org.tr/tr/accreditation/accreditation-certificate/search/46b19048-0ac6-4da1-9fc3-41981225b27f

Spirochaete Diseases Diagnostic Laboratory's national reference topics

This laboratory is the National Reference Laboratory of both the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for the diagnosis of Leptospirosis disease and the Ministry of Health for human samples.​