Complaints Procedure

Please refer to the “Prices” section of our website to get detailed information about diagnosis/analysis prices and analysis times as well as rates applicable to production and training activities at the Etlik Central Veterinary Control & Research Institute (ECVCRI).

Only those samples will be accepted by ECVCRI, which are sent by customers, mail or cargo companies with a voucher attached to show that the dispatch is postpaid. This shall not apply to samples sent for analysis/testing together with an official letter and a pathological substance dispatch protocol to be issued by the Provincial or District Directorates of the Ministry pursuant to the Law on Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food & Feed (Law# 5996).

During the process of sample acceptance, the sample and its packaging (quality, quantity etc. as set forth in the customer’s letter of request) are examined pursuant to criteria described in the Sample Acceptance, Distribution and Storage Procedure and Laboratory Sample Acceptance Guidelines. Samples determined to be appropriate are accepted, and a Sample Acceptance Form is issued. Samples determined to be inappropriate, after having sought the opinion of relevant departments as per Sample Acceptance Guidelines, and those that are not eligible due to lack of suitable methods of analysis/testing/examination as well as those not postpaid are sent back to the addresser after a Refusal Record Form is issued.

Samples that have been accepted by the Sample Acceptance Officer and/or by the Veterinarian on duty during public holidays or out of office hours, but are considered inappropriate by the relevant laboratory are sent back to the customer together with a reasoned letter of refusal, which shall bear the initials of the Laboratory Officer and Technical Services Officer as well as the signature of the Institute Director.

Customer requests arriving at ECVCRI are in the first hand examined by the Technical Services Officer together with the relevant department officer to determine whether the request can be met with an eye to the resources available. Those found appropriate are then forwarded to relevant departments. With this forwarding, a contract is considered to have been signed with the customer.

Samples forwarded to related departments are stored at adequate conditions until the results are obtained. The preservation time of samples allowing for longer storage times is 5 days from the day on which the result of analysis/test/examination reports is sent. At the end of said time, samples are disposed of pursuant to the Waste Control Procedure.

Customer complaints might arise from the results, time, method, or price of analyses/tests/ examinations, behavior of staff, spelling errors in analysis/test/examination reports, invoice data, deviation from principles of confidentiality and reliability etc. Written complaints received from customers (customers are asked to write down their complaints if made verbally) are first checked out by the Technical Services Officer and then forwarded to the related department. In case of complaints, action shall be taken according to the Customer Complaint Procedure.

Unless requested otherwise, analysis/test/examination reports are issued in two copies, with the original copy sent to the customer by post. If requested by the customer, it is also possible to send analysis/test/ examination reports by fax or by cargo with counter-payment. No information about analysis/test/examination results will be given to customers by phone.
Objections against analysis/test/examination results have to be filed within 15 days as from the day on which the report is sent.

Analysis/test/examination reports sent to customer although they are faulty are asked back from the customer in written. Thereafter, a 2nd report issued the same day will be sent to the customer. 

In case of delay in the dispatch of analysis/test/examination reports, the customer will be notified in written.

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