Genetics Laboratory was established in 1980. Purpose of establishment is parental verification that is carried out in order to register the pedigree of Thoroughbred Arabian and British Horses. In this way, it is ensured that the purity of thoroughbred Arabian and British horses is preserved and horse breeders are not suffered by any loss. Genetics Laboratory is the only authorized laboratory in Türkiye for DNA STR analysis performed on Horses and Cattle and can provide international results. It has also been a corporate member of ISAG (International Society for Animal Genetics), the only international authority on Animal Genetics, since 1996.

• Genetics Laboratory checks the accuracy of the parents specified in the registration documents in order to determine the DNA identity of horses and to record the foals in the Stud Book, and clarifies suspicious parentage situations,

• Genetics Laboratory carries out studies on determining the DNA identity of cattle, checking whether frozen semen imported from abroad belongs to the correct bull, and checking the DNA profiles of blood and semen samples of bulls that will be produced in domestic semen production centers.

• Parental verification in horses and individual verification in cattle are routinely performed by DNA STR analysis. Pedigree control is also carried out on sheep using the same method.

• In cases of forensic cases in Horses, Cattle and Sheep, DNA analysis clarifies whether there is a parental relationship between the offspring and the parents,

• Genetics Laboratory contributes to both animal health and public health by conducting DNA analysis of microorganisms,

• Genetics Laboratory supports research on farm animals using DNA analysis methods,

• Genetics Laboratory supports researches, requested by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, universities and the private sector.

Genetics Laboratory participates in proficiency tests at the standards set by the Turkish Accreditation Agency in order to ensure the quality control of the analyses. You can access the current analysis list that we are accredited from this link;