In Doping Control Laboratory, multifaceted doping analysis is performed on blood and urine samples sent after horse races held in nine Hippodromes throughout Türkiye in terms of substances prohibited for use in horse races.    

Doping substances are searched for in more than 10000 blood and urine samples per year. In addition, doping control analyzes are carried out at the Turkish Equestrian Federation and bullfighting festivals. Our laboratory serves not only domestically but also abroad. Doping analysis of samples sent from Iran, Libya, Azerbaijan and Russia is carried out in this laboratory. In order to ensure quality control of the analyses, our laboratory participates in proficiency tests at the standards determined by the Turkish Accreditation Agency. You can access the current analysis list that we are accredited from this link;

Our laboratory is currently a member of IFHA (International Federation of Horseracing Authorities) and is included in the Asian Country Laboratories group. In addition, our Laboratory passed a series of tests in 2002 and became a Professional Member of the internationally respected AORC (Association Official Racing Chemists).

Every year, the analysis results of the encrypted samples containing unknown doping substances sent by our laboratory are compared and confirmed. Currently, Doping Control Laboratory continues two separate International Test Programs. These programs are;

-- AQAP Positive Control Program (Every year)

-- AQAP Negative Control Program (4 times in every year)​