Rabies Diagnostic Laboratory has been serving to animal and human health since the establishment of the Institute. Rabies Diagnostic Laboratory is the national rabies reference laboratory for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of Health. Rabies Diagnostic Laboratory is responsible for;

• Conducting laboratory diagnosis from morbid substances of animals suspected to have died of rabies,

• Performing laboratory diagnosis from morbid substances of people suspected of having rabies,

• Conducting epidemiological studies,

• Conducting research activities,

• Organizing in-service training activities,

• Characterization of the rabies virus to reveal the epidemiology of rabies in Türkiye,

• Responsible for conducting research on the control and eradication of rabies.

• It performs the rabies fluorescent antibody titer test (FAVN), which is used to detect anti-rabies antibodies in pets during their international travels.

Rabies Diagnostic Laboratory participates in proficiency tests at the standards set by the Turkish Accreditation Agency in order to ensure the quality control of the analyses. You can access the current analysis list that we are accredited from this link; https://portal.turkak.org.tr/tr/accreditation/accreditation-certificate/search/46b19048-0ac6-4da1-9fc3-41981225b27f

Rabies Diagnostic Laboratory National/International Reference Topics

• Rabies Diagnostic Laboratory is the National Reference Rabies Laboratory.

• Since 2005, it has been the approved Laboratory for the European Union (EU) and Japan for the detection of anti-rabies antibodies in animals that will enter the borders of the European Union. In this context, it regularly participates in the proficiency tests organized every year by the EU.​