Viral Vaccine Production Laboratory was established in 1967 under the name of Tissue Culture Laboratory for the purpose of diagnosing and researching viral diseases and thus preparing effective vaccines.

Rinderpest vaccine production started in 1969. After the declaration of temporary eradication from rinderpest in 1998, vaccination applications were finalized.

Following the emergence of bluetongue disease in sheep in the western region of Turkey in 1977, a Bluetongue vaccine production laboratory was established in the same unit. The vaccine is a monovalent lyophilized attenuated type 4 bluetongue vaccine using the South African BT type 4 vaccine strain. Bluetongue type 4 vaccine production is still ongoing.

With the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the PPR (Sheep and Goat Plague) vaccine main seed strain (PPR virus attenuated Nigeria 75/1) was brought on December 3, 2001, within the scope of technology transfer with the French CIRAD-EMVT Laboratory for the production of PPR vaccine. The production work of the PPR vaccine was completed in 2002 and its shipment to the field began. Today, within the scope of studies for the eradication of PPR disease, the amount of vaccine determined by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is produced and shipped to the field. PPR vaccine is an attenuated lyophilized vaccine against sheep and goat plague and is used for protective purposes in sheep and goats of all ages.

New vaccine research and development studies are also carried out against viral animal diseases of cattle and sheep, which are important for the country's animal husbandry. At the same time, primary cell cultures are prepared from various internal organs of different species of animals for vaccine production and control. Cell cultures of various lines kept as stock for use in vaccine production and control are also maintained. Among the duties of our laboratory;

• As the internal quality control laboratory, to carry out preliminary checks of all materials, whether of biological origin or not, to be used in vaccine production,

• As a quality control laboratory, to perform bulk and final product control on PPR and Bluetongue vaccines,

• To carry out post-vaccine safety and effectiveness studies in the isolation pen of the Viral Vaccine Production unit,

• Carrying out research activities and developing new vaccine types for field needs,

• Taking part in commissions established by the Ministry and the Institute Directorate and preparing expert opinions, providing services on issues related to the field of expertise,​