​Our institute's Genetics Laboratory was opened to service in 1980 and since then it is giving service to horse breeders. Parentage testing in horses and cattle is carried out in our laboratory by DNA STR test.



By using DNA STR test, duties of our laboratory are:

1-to establish DNA STR ID of horses,

2-to do parentage test if the stated sire and dam is correct and produce DNA STR report to National Stud Book to record pure breed Arabians and Thoroughbred horses,

3-to solve the problems regarding to horses ID's, their sires and dams.


To carry out DNA STR test;

1-Blood sample of the horse is sent to our laboratory for DNA STR analysis, but if parentage testing is necessary then blood samples of sire and dam should also be sent,

2-There is no need to send blood samples of the sire and/or dam DNA tested previously, it is acceptable to write down their DNA numbers only,

3-For horses DNA tested, we produces DNA number unique to that horse only,

4-For DNA test, 1 tube blood sample collected to in DNase/RNase free and sterile tube including antiquagulant (LH, EDTA vs) is sent to our laboratory.


Sending blood sample for DNA STR test;

1-Horse owner applies to Food, Livestock and Agriculture Ministry Provincial or Town Directorate,

2-In the related Directorate, DNA Analysis Form is filled and signed by Official Vet,

3-The document that shows the payment of analysis fee is added to these documents,

4-Blood sample of the horse is collected by Official Vet,

5-Cover letter, DNA Analysis Form, blood sample and Bank document are officially sent to our laboratory.


Our laboratory has been accredited for "DNA Microsatellite Analyses by DNA STR in horses" by TURKAK according to scope of TS ISO EN 17025/2005.

Our laboratory as accredited by TURKAK in 2006 and being institutional member of ISAG since 1996 is national and international reference laboratory in parentage testing of horses in Turkey.

Our laboratory is also national reference laboratory in parentage testing of cattle in Turkey.