You can send Rabies FAVN test samples from all over the World

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Our Institute Directorate is the only authorized laboratory to perform the FAVN rabies test in Turkey and our results are recognized in EU countries, the USA, and Japan. In addition to national test requests, international level test requests are also met by our institute directorate. Reports will be ready in 4-6 weeks after acceptance of the sample. You can find more information about the test from this link:

You have to transfer test price before acceptance of the sample. Please be informed that you may find bank details and price for FAVN test below. Please pay attention that the stated price is only for one test and the stated price shall be effected in net amount, so please consult your bank about bank charges. When you send the sample please track your shipment and be sure your sample will arrive us safely after customs control. We cannot provide support regarding customs clearance procedures.

For your information

Bank Information and Price of FAVN test:

Account Name: Veteriner Kontrol Merkez Araştırma Enstitüsü

Bank Name: T.C. Ziraat Bankası

Branch: Etlik Şubesi


TL IBAN: TR 1600 0100 0842 0648 0458 5161 :

If you effect the payment in TL then the and you can find test price information from this link.

 You can alsı send exchanged amount in EURO or USD.

EURO IBAN: TR 8600 0100 0842 0648 0458 5162

 USD IBAN: TR 3200 0100 0842 0648 0458 5164