SARS CoV-2 (Covid-19) Test: SARS CoV-2 (Covid-19) tests have been started to be carried out at our Institute Directorate with Real-Time RT-PCR method in pet and wild animal samples, environmental swab samples, and wastewater samples.

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The analysis fee is determined as 283 TL for Real-Time RT-PCR detection in the pet and wild animal samples, and environmental swab samples; and 950 TL for detection by Real-Time RT-PCR in wastewater samples. For the tests to be carried out, it is necessary to send swab samples properly taken with a sterile swab and at least 250 ml of a wastewater sample taken in a sterile container to our Institute Directorate under the cold chain.

Things to consider when sending samples for SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19) Real-Time RT-PCR analysis from pets going abroad:

- Nasal, oral, and rectal swab samples should be taken from animals. Only dry cotton swap without containing liquid, gel, etc. substances in the tubes should be sent under sterile conditions after the sample is taken.

- The sample acceptance form should be filled in by checking the information and analyzes/tests of pets requested by the country of travel. The information requested by the countries in the reports should be specified in the petition. Since the reporting will be made based on the petition and sample acceptance form, it should be sent after checking for typographical errors and information.

- Samples (swabs) should be sent with cool-pack under the cold chain conditions. Samples with disrupted cold chain will not be analyzed. It is recommended to send the samples on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in order not to disrupt the cold chain.

- The bank receipt indicating that the test fee has been paid and the special request analysis form must be sent with the sample.

- The analysis fee is 283 TL.  Bank Account Information

- The analysis period is 1-2 working days.