In this laboratory Tuberculosis, Paratuberculosis and Glanders diseases are diagnosed according to standard methods specified by the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH). In our laboratory, isolation and identification of tuberculosis and paratuberculosis agents, gamma-interferon (γ-IFN) and ELISA tests are performed in the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis, ELISA test in the diagnosis of paratuberculosis, and Complement Fixation Test  (CFT) in the diagnosis of glanders. In addition, research activities are carried out in our laboratory and in-service training activities are organized.

Tuberculosis, Paratuberculosis and Glanders Diagnosis  Laboratory participates in proficiency tests at the standards set by the Turkish Accreditation Agency in order to ensure the quality control of the analyses. You can access the current analysis list that we are accredited from this link;

Tuberculosis, Paratuberculosis and Glanders Diagnosis Laboratory  is the national reference for these topics:

  • In the diagnosis of tuberculosis disease,
  • In the diagnosis of paratuberculosis disease,
  • It is the reference laboratory in the diagnosis of glanders.​