Anaerobic Vaccines Production Laboratory

This department responsible from production of vaccine against diseases caused by anaerobic microorganisms and clostridial conjugates, diagnostic serum, clostridial standard toxins for using immunity test of clostridial vaccines are produced by this laboratory. Anaerob Lab began working in 1926 Bradzot vaccine and divided into two laboratories as Blackleg and Enterotoxemia in 1954. These sections are combined with Anaerob Laboratory in 1985, which is established, scope of sheep disease research project with support of FAO, in 1965. Continued as Anaerobic Vaccines Production and Biological Reagents Production Laboratory and It has been operating under the name Anaerob Vaccine Production from 2006 until today.

In accordance with the  Regulation on Veterinary Medicinal Products published on the Official Gazette, dated 24.12.2011 and numbered 28152, our Ministry has been obliged to produce by Good Manufacturing Practices for Veterinary Medicinal Products. As of October 24, 2015, the production of Clostridial vaccines has been stopped in our institute until a new order.