​In our country, the performance of doping analyses for Arabian and English thoroughbred horseracing was initiated at the Central Doping Laboratory established within Etlik Veterinary Control Central Research Institute in accordance with the provisions of the "Law on Horseracing" dated 10.07.1953 and No. 6132.


In our laboratory, multi-faceted doping analyses are performed, by using different analysis methods and instruments, for prohibited substances in blood and urine samples taken after the horse races at 9 hippodromes around Turkey.

Approximately, 10,000 blood and urine samples are analysed for doping substances every year. In addition to this, samples sent by Equestrian Federation of Turkey and Iran are analysed in our laboratory.



With the ISO-17025 quality system applied in house, our laboratory was accredited by TURKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) on 02.09.2005; extraction methods applied in our laboratory and the programs of analytic instruments are at the same level with international accredited Doping laboratories of the world and our laboratory is accredited for:

1- Detection of cardiant drugs (Quinidine) in horse urine

2- Detection of nervous stimulants (Caffeine) in horse urine

3- Detection of sedative and anaesthetic drugs (Pentobarbital) in horse urine

4- Detection of local anaesthetic drugs (3-OH Lidocaine) in horse urine

5- Detection of non-steroidal drugs (Phenylbutasone) in horse urine

6- Detection of anabolic hormones (Boldenone-Testosterone) in horse urine

7- Detection of bronchodilators (Clenbuterol) in horse urine

8-Detection of corticosteroids (Betametasone) in the horse urine.

9-Detection of diuretics (Furosemide) in the horse urine

10-Detection of central nervous system stimulants (Theobromine) in the horse urine

11-Detection of 3-Methoxytyramine, Salicylic Acid, Dimethyl Sulfoxide in the horse urine



Our Central Doping Laboratory is already a member of IFHA (International Federation of Horseracing Authorities) and is involved in the division for Laboratories of Asian Countries. In addition, our laboratory gained the Professional Membership of internationally acclaimed Association of Official Racing Chemists upon the successful completion of a series of tests in 2002, thereby attaining the identity of an International Reference Laboratory.

Every year, ciphered samples containing unknown doping substances, submitted also by our laboratory, are compared and confirmed for analytic purposes. Currently, our laboratory is enrolled in 2 different International Test Programs. These are;

-- AQAP Positive Control Program (Every year)

-- AQAP Negative Control Program (4 times every year)